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If you are interested in having the rewarding experience of helping a dog learn to trust, or help a dog see the world from a different perspective these dogs are for you. The good news is our trainers will assist you with the tools necessary to get these canine companions where they need to go and give you the support necessary to have a great relationship with these pups. This is the opportunity to change someone's life for the better and in turn enrich your own life by forming a rewarding and loving relationship with a "best friend".


All of these dogs are challenging to adopt for various reasons. Their number one need is a home where they can flourish. They are each amazing in their own way and all have had the luxury of working with trained handlers to get them off to a great start. Just getting out of the kennel environment is a life altering experience and can make all the difference for any rescue pooch. However, these dogs often do not show well and get passed by for the more outgoing easy to meet canines thus losing the chance for a loving home.


If this opportunity "tugs at your heart strings" or leads you to want to explore further then read on and learn about the special dogs and their incredible journey. Everyone deserves a "new beginning" and a "happily ever after". Please make this happen for one of our canine companions - they will not let you down."





JIMMY - Male, Border Collie Mix

Status: AVAILABLE         


Jimmy is a year and half old Border Collie mix. He was raised from birth here at the Glendale Humane Society. Our puppies are raised to be well socialized and to view the world as a happy and safe place to live and thrive. He was one of a litter of ten adorable, well socialized puppies we adopted out a year ago. Jimmy was adopted out at twelve weeks of age. The family had him for three months and in that short amount of time took him from a happy carefree pup to a frightened and cautious teen. Jimmy was brought back to us and we began a training regime to help him become the happy guy we knew and loved.


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AUDREY - Female, Border Collie Mix




Audrey is two year old fifty eight pound Border Collie mix. This big girl is a lover of all people. Audrey walks nicely on leash and knows some basic manners. We are currently working with the trainer on dog to dog meet and greets. At this point in her life she would appreciate being an only dog in a dog savvy home with adults.


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TAFFY - Female, Golden Mix

9a.jpgStatus: AVAILABLE         


Taffy is about six-years-old and fifty pounds. Taffy is a very special needs gal. Her introduction into the world was sad at best. She and her brother were outdoor dogs that had very little care and love. Though her brother and she were originally adopted together it did not work out for both of them to live together and Taffy was returned to GHS. She has lived with us for about two years and was and still is a volunteer and staff favorite – but shelter life is not what this pretty girl needs. We were all excited and so hopeful about six months ago when Taffy found herself a new family to love her. Her second attempt at a new life was cut short when...

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