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JIMMY - Male, Border Collie Mix

Status: AVAILABLE         


Jimmy is a year and half old Border Collie mix. He was raised from birth here at the Glendale Humane Society. Our puppies are raised to be well socialized and to view the world as a happy and safe place to live and thrive. He was one of a litter of ten adorable, well socialized puppies we adopted out a year ago. Jimmy was adopted out at twelve weeks of age. The family had him for three months and in that short amount of time took him from a happy carefree pup to a frightened and cautious teen. Jimmy was brought back to us and we began a training regime to help him become the happy guy we knew and loved.


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Our trainers teach our dogs replacement behaviors for unacceptable behaviors. We make it clear to them what we want and reward that behavior. For instance, instead of jumping up on people Jimmy has been taught to pick up his toy as people approach. Jimmy knows sit, down, stay, come, leave it, relax and knows how to physically back up. Jimmy is currently being taught to release a toy to his trainer when he fetches/returns it.


Meeting new people is frightening experience for Jimmy but he is gaining confidence and learning to be more accepting of strange and scary situations. The trainers are helping Jimmy have a new perspective on life and are capitalizing on his sweet nature and quick mind. He lives in the office with our staff and is a favor tie of the staff and volunteers. Jimmy is a good boy and lives peacefully indoors with us. He loves to play with his toys, chew on bully sticks, go for walks, play fetch, sit and chill with his friends and perform his behaviors on cue. He is easy to be with and easy to fall in love with because of his loving nature.


We are looking for a home where the people are dog savvy and will continue to train Jimmy with the same methods we use here at GHS. Our trainer, Paul Owens, will work with potential adopters to give them the tools necessary to get Jimmy where he needs to be. Jimmy is a gorgeous, smart, loving, happy young boy with the potential to be amazing. He does enjoy other dogs' company and has lived with small breed dogs. Daily exercise and a structured, loving home with an educated leader is what Jimmy needs.