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TAFFY - Female, Golden Mix

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Taffy is about six-years-old and fifty pounds. Taffy is a very special needs gal. Her introduction into the world was sad at best. She and her brother were outdoor dogs that had very little care and love. Though her brother and she were originally adopted together it did not work out for both of them to live together and Taffy was returned to GHS. She has lived with us for about two years and was and still is a volunteer and staff favorite – but shelter life is not what this pretty girl needs. We were all excited and so hopeful about six months ago when Taffy found herself a new family to love her. Her second attempt at a new life was cut short when...

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Taffy became destructive left at home unsupervised. She is very loving and exceptionally bright. Taffy knows her basic manners and walks nicely on a leash. If you are interested in helping our girl find her forever home we would love to meet with you.  Taffy needs a dog savvy home with adults. She wants to be the only dog and requires a solid routine and training to learn to trust her environment. She is very loyal and truly loving. If you would like to help Taffy by contributing, we have a fund for her to have her own dog walker/hiker. She needs to have daily activity out of the shelter and consistency with a trainer using positive methods. Please donate to help her while she again awaits her forever home.