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Hi! Just wanted to share with you guys a cute picture of Charley (adopted two years ago - she went by Coral) and her best friend Madison (adopted a year ago or so by my friend Jared) - Maddy likes to come over and hang out with Charley some days, and I was working one afternoon, heard some snoring, and turned around in my chair to see them cuddled. Charley is such a wonderful pet, I'm taking her to get therapy dog orientation soon! She's such a sweet and loving girl. Maybe soon I'll come find her another doggy sibling from your shelter. -Sarah




It's been two and a half years since I adopted Jasper from Glendale Humane Society and I just wanted to send an email saying how much I am thankful that GHS rescued "Breeze" when they did. Jasper was a scrawny little handful who didn't even know how to walk up steps at five months. The first day, I carried him up and down the apartment steps six to seven times so he could go to the bathroom. He was about fifty pounds so by the evening it was getting pretty tiring. Climbing steps was the first "trick" I taught him! Since then, we've moved to a house with a nice yard on the edge of 100 acres of open space. Jasper loves his yard and feels like he has a job protecting the house now. He's sociable with the neighbor dogs and even has a friend on the block, a Border Collie mix that loves to wrestle and romp the same way Jasper does. J has his own Instagram feed where you can see some of his adventures living with two (rescue) cats, myself and my girlfriend. You can also see him playing with his number one best friend, a Golden Retriever rescue named Mr. Grezo. I often joke with my girlfriend that Jasper is my soul mate and she often tells me that she believes I'm not joking. Thank you again for the work you do to find these animals happy homes! - Kevin

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We knew once we walked into the room where Madison was with her five brothers, she was the one for us. She was only six weeks old and we couldn't take her home yet, but the Glendale Humane Society was nice enough to let us visit her whenever it was convenient. We are so thankful for GHS taking such good care of our Maddy before we could become her "permanent" family. Finally, at eight weeks old, she was heading to her new home. Since being with us, she has been the model dog and is always eager to learn a new trick. By the time she was sixteen weeks old (age in the photo), she had already learned over fifteen commands, including sit, stay, come, high-five, dance, roll-over and play dead (Maddy's favorite trick). We still use 'find it' that she learned at the GHS. We are bummed that she is camera shy since she is so photogenic. Hopefully, she will get used to being in front of the camera. We could not have asked for a better addition to our family and we owe so much to GHS for everything they did for our "baby".




Leia has been loving her new home with me in Los Feliz. Some of her favorite activities include playing with her toys (she loves the feathered ones), as well as lounging on top of the fridge! She loves all the attention she is getting here from me and any friends I have over, and at night will always try to cuddle right next to my face. I woke up recently to find her asleep on my back! Leia (formerly Amber) has been a wonderful cat thus far, and I couldn't be more grateful for Glendale Humane's help in adopting her. Thank you again!




As a duo, mommy-daughter, we decided to add a new family member that would make our home louder and more fun. We adopted Lola. Lola was a very shy doggy at first, yet she warmed up to my daughter and I very quickly and is now a very sweet, active, happy, and at times mischievous puppy. Lola loves my daughter - Meya more than anyone. She protects her and follows her everywhere. Lola loves to walk Meya to school each morning. She has made a bunch of doggy friends in Pasadena Dog Park as well as Griffith Doggy Park. She warms up our hearts each day. She greets us every time we come home till her tail hurts from wagging. Lola is our best friend and companion for life. We are now a family of three girls.




Hi all, it's me Nate.  I am a DSH little Tuxedo (black and white little devil) and because of the great folks here at GHS I found a wonderful family (well, big sis is a bit standoffish; but she will come around....I am wearing her down).  It was just another Saturday (6/15/13) and I was out at the Anderson Pet Shop meeting and greeting folks, showing everyone just how adorable I am.  Like other days, people came, played and then left; and I was still waiting.  Then she came and somehow it was different, I was so excited climbing the cage and talking with her.  It was like a fairy tale, I just knew she was going to be my mommy.  For the last six weeks, I have been training mommy and daddy how to play and spoil me with love.  I am growing like a weed and having so much fun.  I'll update you later on how things are going; for now I must go and bat a ball around the house.





Hello Glendale Humane!

It's been a little over a month since I left GHS to go home with my new mommy and daddy, so we wanted to give my saviors a little update! At first I felt a little shy being in a new place. I didn't know what was going on and everything was so different. But my mommy and daddy helped me feel at home by providing me with a cozy crate, lots of fuzzy blankets and tons of cool toys! My favorite toys are the ones that squeak really loud, like my Kong Air Dog tennis ball and the red dragon squeaker mat that's longer than I am! I love to play fetch to get some exercise or just chill out and chew on my Nylabone that mommy soaks in chicken broth. Yum! Speaking of yummy things, mommy made these awesome bite sized chicken breast treats (thank you Alyce for giving mom the recipe!) and we learned lots of new tricks together! Right now I know sit, down, stay, play dead, roll over, sit pretty, shake, other hand and leave it.


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