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Dear Alyce,

Thank you so much for passing along the adorable pictures of our angel. One week ago from today, I met  and fell in love with my precious and amazing Winnie. She has already brought so much joy to our house and the best part is, Winnie knows she is home. We took Winnie to our vet on Wednesday and she got a fantastic report card! She weighted in at eight pounds and has a very healthy appetite (loves her Orijen and Merricks!). Winnie is incredibly bright and already lets us know when she needs to potty! She also is sitting on command and learning 'leave-it' and 'off'. Sophie and Winnie are loving play time together and are very good about sharing toys. Everyday has truly been a blessing and I know my brother, Adam, had a big part in this miracle. A very big THANK YOU to your facility and all you do. It is a special and magical place. I attached some photos...one is the first time meeting dad at the airport. Thank you again for bringing such love, joy and happiness to our family!

Love, Mary Pichler