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It's been two and a half years since I adopted Jasper from Glendale Humane Society and I just wanted to send an email saying how much I am thankful that GHS rescued "Breeze" when they did. Jasper was a scrawny little handful who didn't even know how to walk up steps at five months. The first day, I carried him up and down the apartment steps six to seven times so he could go to the bathroom. He was about fifty pounds so by the evening it was getting pretty tiring. Climbing steps was the first "trick" I taught him! Since then, we've moved to a house with a nice yard on the edge of 100 acres of open space. Jasper loves his yard and feels like he has a job protecting the house now. He's sociable with the neighbor dogs and even has a friend on the block, a Border Collie mix that loves to wrestle and romp the same way Jasper does. J has his own Instagram feed where you can see some of his adventures living with two (rescue) cats, myself and my girlfriend. You can also see him playing with his number one best friend, a Golden Retriever rescue named Mr. Grezo. I often joke with my girlfriend that Jasper is my soul mate and she often tells me that she believes I'm not joking. Thank you again for the work you do to find these animals happy homes! - Kevin