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Dog Adoption Process

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Glendale Humane Society’s adoption process consists of the following steps:
  1. Complete and submit an adoption application
    • Take the time to thoroughly and completely answer all questions. A complete application helps us determine a good match for your family. We have gotten to know our dogs’ personalities and can be very helpful to you in selecting the right dog.
  2. Application is reviewed by GHS Adoption Committee
    • It is unlikely that an application will be reviewed on the same day it is received. The more information we have, the more quickly we are able to respond to your application.
    • Average response time is from 1 to 3 days. We will only call those with approved applications. A home/yard inspection may be required and will be scheduled at this time. All renters must provide written authorization from their landlord allowing the dog.
  3. Meet the dog(s)
    • We will schedule a time for you and all members of your family/household to meet the dog - including any dogs you currently have. Since this dog will be a new member in your family, we need all parties, including your current pet, to be happy with the choice.
  4. Attend our Canine Parenting class
    • Our Canine Parenting class provides you with a blueprint for transitioning the rescue dog into your household. Classes are offered weekly at Glendale Humane Society and are for adults only (no children please).
  5. Pick up your new dog
    • We require adopters to schedule an A.M. (before noon) pick up time for their new dog. Dogs must go home before noon.
  6. One hour training lesson
    • This fun and informative hour with a postiver reinforcement trainer offers you information on prevention and management and provides your family with the tools for success.
  7. The adoption fee of $325 includes:
    • Spay/Neuter
    • Vaccinations: DA2PPv, Intra Nasal Bordetella and Rabies
    • Parasite treatment (if needed)
    • AVID or HomeAgain microchip**
    • Canine Parenting Class
    • One hour private training session with a GHS professional trainer
    • ** To have information updated with you as the primary owner for AVID chips there will be a separate fee of $19.50


  8. The first 30 days in a new home are critical. In order to make the transition smooth and keep some familiarity in the canine’s life, GHS has the adopter continue feeding the same diet. The cost of the food is $29.99 plus tax for kibble kibble and $29.99 plus tax per case of canned food.



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