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Black Dog Syndrome


Black dogs are often the last to be adopted from an animal shelter.

The general public is likely not aware of how doomed black dogs are when they are brought to the average animal shelter. Black dogs, particularly large black dogs like Labradors or Lab mixes, have a very difficult time getting adopted, and are euthanized at a staggering rate at many animal control facilities throughout the country. The sad truth is, they are overlooked in favor of lighter colored dogs.


Some of the reasons given by would-be adopters are that it is more difficult to see and connect with a black dog in a poorly-lit kennel, that they don’t photograph as well - and thus are passed-over by Internet viewers, or that they are perceived as menacing. There are even those who believe black dogs will bring them bad luck.


There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the position that color has any bearing whatsoever on temperament, health, or overall quality of any dog, regardless of breed!


If you are thinking about adopting a dog please don’t overlook black dogs. They are every bit as wonderful as lighter-colored dogs, and make just as loving and faithful companions!


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