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Maggie's BarkYard has been a wonderful addition to our shelter. What was once a stark cement pen is now a magical park. This charming spot serves as a meeting place for potential adopters with our adoptable pups, a safe play yard for our canines who enjoy the company of other dogs and a great area to play ball or sit and smooch with a pooch who needs extra one on one time.


The BarkYard is beautifully landscaped with trees for shade, flowering shrubbery, and a lovely awning with pleasant misters attached for hot summer days. We have agility equipment for our budding athletes and plastic pools for our Olympic splashers.


In the center of this lovely space is our bone shaped brick design. Warm wishes and touching memories are engraved in each brick as a commemorative to a loved and cherished "best friend".


Our BarkYard is used everyday and enjoyed by every resident of Glendale Humane Society awaiting their forever home.


We are still adding bricks. A brick engraved with heartfelt memories - a permanent dedication - on the brick path in Maggie's BarkYard will help to support hundreds of urgently needed pet adoptions where happy meets hopeful. Not only is this a forever personal dedication for your pet - an engraved brick makes a lovely gift to the grieving family of a lost loved one or a wonderful present to a friend to let them know how much you care about their adorable and much loved pet.


Each brick order is $100 and your donation will go directly to animals in need. For more information or to request an order form, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .