Dear Friends of Glendale Humane Society,

Dear Friends of Glendale Humane Society

The year 2020 marked Glendale Humane Society’s ninety-seventh year of humane education and companion animal adoptions. Through the years we have evolved from an animal control agency to a no-kill rescue, with education as a primary focus. Glendale Humane Society has given hope to frightened dogs and cats, housing them safely until they were placed into the arms and hearts of their forever families. This amazing story has evolved because of your generosity and support. We would like to take you with us as we continue the journey.

The rescue world has expanded. Uncountable numbers of rescue groups are emptying public shelters of dogs and cats and placing them in homes. Many unsuspecting families are willingly adopting and loving those pets only to realize they are unable to meet the expenses of their medical care. Glendale Humane Society strongly believes in the bonds and emotion health between companion animals and their families. The financial stress to keep a companion animal safe and in a loving home is a burden that should be shared by those of us who can help.

Every day we get heartbreaking requests for medical help. We hear from families who are at a veterinary hospital frantic for financial assistance for trauma. Pet parents call looking for help with debilitating health issues from dental care to cancer. We are contacted by desperate families looking for affordable end-of-life assistance for their treasured pet. A place where they can say good-bye with respect.

As we contemplate our future options based on the resources we have, we must address the challenges of a nonprofit in these changing times. Our physical shelter is an aging building in need of not only maintenance but repair. Rising costs of utilities, insurance and employment all deplete resources. To continue Glendale Humane Society’s important work, we realize changes must be made. Moving forward we can best serve the rescue world by leaving our bricks and mortar behind. Selling our property and investing our money wisely will give us a confident future in the animal welfare world.

Glendale Humane Society’s mission is giving companion animals a second chance. We can best do this by taking the next step in our evolution. This monumental change will embrace the emotional well-being of families struggling to keep their treasured companions healthy and safe.

Providing financial assistance for medical help to companion animals and resources to find safe havens for senior pets in need will become the new chapter in our story. Glendale Humane Society will continue finding homes for companion animals by establishing a strong foster base and by working closely with other rescues to ensure safe placements. We will not be leaving the rescue world behind. With your help, Glendale Humane Society’s story will continue.

As our plan develops we will be communicating to you through letters, social media, and our website. Glendale Humane Society still needs your support to do this important work. We hope you, our dearest friends, will embrace this important endeavor of keeping companion animals safe in their forever homes.

Looking forward,

The Glendale Humane Society Board